Hole In One Locating
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Services Offered
    Utilities marked by Hole in One Locating
  • Location of Customer-Owned Utility Lines

    Hole In One Locating will mark all utilities that we can find in the customer-owned dig area regardless of excavation depth.

    We require a pre-locate meeting with the excavator, and preferably the property owner as well, to clarify the area that needs locating and to get information on any known private utilities, the type of work being done, and the excavation method to be used. We then mark all known utilities, look for access points to others, and perform an unknown utility sweep.

  • Pre-Survey Locates

    Hole in One Locating will locate utilities for planning purposes when no immediate digging is to be done. However, please remember that another locate is required before excavation.

  • Third Party Damage Investigations

    If a public utility is damaged, Hole In One Locating will complete a thorough on-scene damage investigation. This includes interviewing anyone present, attempting to contact the original locator, taking pictures of the utility, describing the utility, searching for paint marks, measuring distances between paint marks and the damaged utility, writing up a detailed report (with pictures included) and giving it to the client.